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XBRL is rapidly becoming a large service for Public Companies in the US. We have produced one of the easiest XBRL generation software that does not require expert XBRL, XML or Accounting knowledge. With SmartXBRL you can generate XBRL from SEC documents within minutes.

We are looking for partners who will assist our clients prepare and file EDGAR and XBRL filings using SmartXBRL. There are 7,000+ companies that need to file XBRL as of June 2011. Take advantage of this opportunity by becoming our partner.

As a Filing Partner:

  1. You will be included in our database as a Filing Partner
  2. When a SmartXBRL customer calls for filing assistance, you will be selected based on the customer's preferences (location, price, experience, etc)
  3. You will assist SmartXBRL customers file EDGAR and XBRL documents prepared by them
  4. You will be able to set your fee for this service
  5. You may assist the client with EDGAR and XBRL preparation if you mutually agree

As an Accounting Partner:

  1. You will be included in our database as an Accounting Partner
  2. You will be trained by BCL on using SmartXBRL to select correct tags
  3. You will assist customers in generating one instance of an XBRL filing after correct-tagging and data-completeness checking. We estimate this to be less than a day's effort for a Year-1 XBRL customer
  4. You will be able to set a fixed fee for Year-1 XBRL customers
  5. You will be allowed to bid on Year-2 and Year-3 XBRL customers


To become a SmartXBRL partner you will need to do the following:

  1. Spend ½ day training on our SmartXBRL system through an online webinar
  2. Take a test to get certified with SmartXBRL filing

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With little effort on your part, we can detail tag your XBRL data quickly and accurately using our revolutionary cloud-based SmartXBRL software. Contact us to get started

   Thank you for helping us with our 1st XBRL filing. You went above and beyond our expectations.  We would not have been able to file on time if it weren’t for you.
- Dena, Magnum Group