Standard Bank Matchi Global FinTech Innovation Challenge

BCL Technologies Wins 2014 Matchi Global FinTech Innovation Challenge for Corporate Banking Solutions, as sponsored and hosted by Standard Bank.

  National Science Foundation We won Phase II National Science Foundation (NSF) SBIR Award.
Our technology allows computer programs to understand and act on any Financial Information, whatever its format.
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With little effort on your part, we can detail tag your XBRL data quickly and accurately using our cloud-based SmartXBRL software.

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Our 3-Step Tagging Process
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First, we analyze your previous 10-Qs and 10-K and give you a customized plan on how to proceed.
Second, we generate preliminary XBRL files and tags for your review. Using our SmartRoll™ technology, we can quickly roll over all of your tags from previous year's filing.
Lastly, we quickly detail-tag the new data once your company's current financial data is ready, validate and deliver your final XBRL files.

Why Choose SmartXBRL?


The technologies behind SmartXBRL have won awards from national and international organizations.
National Science Foundation
XBRL Japan

A Cloud-Based XBRL Solution

SmartXBRL is an award-winning XBRL creation software that allows you to create fully validated US-GAAP XBRL filings in under a day. This is possible because SmartXBRL automates a lot of your manual, tedious tasks. There is no time consuming data entry, there is no copying and pasting of taxonomy, there is no uploading to the SEC site to preview your filing. SmartXBRL does all that to not disrupt your workflow.

XBRL Japan

SmartXBRL won the Best Award from
XBRL Japan. Watch the award presentations




Video Tutorials

We have prepared an extensive video tutorials section with videos that will help you prepare your XBRL filings with ease. For your convenience we have separated the video tutorials into categories.

  • Working with existing Word docs and EDGAR HTML filings
  • Editing XBRL
  • Validating and generating XBRL filing files

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