A Cloud-Based XBRL Tagging Solution

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SmartXBRL won the Best Award from XBRL Japan. Watch the video presentations.


SmartXBRL is a cloud-based software that allows us to prepare your company's SEC filings in the newly mandated XBRL format with little effort on your part.

Using SmartXBRL, we can convert your Word and EDGAR HTML documents to XML files and smart-tags them, producing documents that are SEC XBRL compliant. Once the data is tagged, SmartXBRL displays the XBRL tags for your review and allows you to modify the tags without the need for detailed accounting or XML knowledge.

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Reduce the time, effort, and cost of XBRL filing

SmartXBRL is more efficient than conventional methods of XBRL preparation due to its ability to automatically tag EDGAR HTML documents. The smart-tagging drastically reduces the manual effort involved and results in lower filing costs than other methods. SmartXBRL is a seamless web application fully compatible with your pre-existing in-house workflow.

Ensure filings are accurate and complete

SmartXBRL allows for a quick review process to ensure all tagging is done correctly. It displays the label next to SmartXBRL's tag, allowing you to easily review and edit the results of the smart-tagging process.

Provide a completely safe and secure environment for confidential information

SmartXBRL saves you from security risks related to the creation of a new workflow by allowing you to maintain your current safe and secure filing environment.


With little effort on your part, we can detail tag your XBRL data quickly and accurately using our revolutionary cloud-based SmartXBRL software. Contact us to get started

   Thank you for helping us with our 1st XBRL filing. You went above and beyond our expectations.  We would not have been able to file on time if it weren’t for you.
- Dena, Magnum Group



Step 1: Automatically convert Word doc or existing EDGAR HTML filing to XBRL filing

Step 2: Review and edit the XBRL tags

Step 3: Validate and generate the complete XBRL filing

We are looking for partners who will assist our clients prepare and file EDGAR and XBRL filings using SmartXBRL. Partnership Opportunities